Celebrate pulse dishes around the world !  


World's Greatest Pulse Dishes

Countries around the world are celebrating pulses by sharing their national signature dish, a recipe they chose to represent their cuisine. These Dishes represent just some of the many ways pulses are prepared around the world.

Please visit the Recipes page to see them all ! 

Animated recipes are also available.  Please click to see World's Greatest Pulse Dishes Videos

For more factsheets and infographics please visit www.iyp2016.org/resources

Promote recipes in social media (following guidelines below): You can promote the recipe of your country if there is one, or of your region or any recipe you like
• Write a blog explaining the story of your recipe and post it on your website or send it to us iyp@emergingag.com, feel free to use the International Cuisine Factsheet
Use the photos and videos in your promotion
What are the guidelines for promoting my recipe on Social Media?

Dedicated recipe hashtag: #PulseRecipes
Official campaign hashtag:  #LovePulses
UN International Year of Pulses hashtag: #IYP2016
Handle: @LovePulses


More information available at iyp2016.org


Great Things You Can Do Nationally

We know you all love pulses, which is why we want to give you some ideas on what you can do to help promote the 2016 International Year of Pulses.
  • Include a link to www.iyp2016.org on your website.
  • Donate your recipes to the global collection, and feature the recipes on your web site. Send your recipes to IYP@emergingag.com.
  • Be social and talk about us! Follow us on Twitter @LovePulses and use the hashtags #IYP2016, #LovePulses, and #PulseFeast
  • Launch new conversations by talking about different uses for pulses through your social media platforms.
  • Share your news. Send us your pulse related news to include in the News pages of www.iyp2016.org.
  • Translate materials on www.iyp2016.org into your national language.
  • And finally… to welcome the Year, eat pulses!

Contact IYP@emergingag.com if you want to get started or if you have any questions.