CICILS Executive Committee 2013 - 2014

President - Hakan BAHCECI, UAE
Hakan Bahceci is the group CEO of Hakan Agro DMCC, an agri-soft commodities supply multinational based in Dubai, UAE with processing facilities and offices in 26 countries. He holds a Bachelor degree in English Literature and MBA from Wollongong University, Australia. Hakan has over 20 years of experience in global agri-softs commodities supply chain management. He has made many speeches and key note addresses on agri-commodities, pulses, dispute resolution, sesame seeds in various conventions. Hakan now serves as a President for CICILS IPTIC world pulses organization. 
Executive Vice President - Huseyin ARSLAN, Turkey
Huseyin Arslan is executive chairman of the Alliance Grain Traders (AGT) which wholy owns the Saskcan. Arslan family, founder of AGT and majority share holder. Arslan is currently president of the Mersin Commodity exchange chambers assembly.

Vice - President - Pravin DONGRE, India
Mr. Pravin Dongre is the CEO of the Indian subsidiary of Glencore-one of the largest commodity trading companies in the world. In India, the company is actively involved in grains, pulses, sugar, oilseeds and the cotton trade, trading both domestic produce as well as involved in exports, imports and distribution. Glencore actively participates in the future exchanges in India as well as overseas. Mr. Dongre has been in the Agricultural Commodity arena for over 20 years and has actively participated and contributed to the exponential growth of the commodity trade in India. Mr. Dongre is the President of India Pulses and Grains Association, a national association and the apex body of the Pulses & Grains trade in India. Mr. Dongre is a wild life enthusiast and a connoisseur of ancient art.
Vice- President - Albert GARCIA, Spain
Albert Garcia is an economist and holds an MBA from the University EADA of Barcelona. He is the 4th generation of a family-owned enterprise specialized in all type of pulses, dried fruits and rice. Since 2002, he is operating as a leading international broker through his company Alons-Gar S.L in the Mediterranean area. He is passionate about pulses and promotes its functionality everywhere. He serves as a Vice President and Chairperson (Promotion Committee) of CICILS IPTIC and is also a member of the Spanish Pulse Association (ALE).
Vice - President - Hugo RAGGI, Brazil
Vice - President - Cindy BROWN, USA
Cindy Brown is CEO of Chippewa Valley Bean, a family owned agribusiness that grows, processes and markets dark and light red kidney beans grown in the U.S. Chippewa Valley Bean is known internationally as the premier supplier of kidney beans providing their customers confidence in quality and food safety. Cindy is the Vice-chair of the American Pulse Association, regional Vice President of CICILS IPTIC and Past President of the US Dry Bean Council. Her focus in industry organizations has been to create awareness on the health benefits of pulses. Cindy also serves on the board of Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection.
Zhenhu Bian, CCFNA China - (Vice President)
Treasurer - Tim McGREEVY, USA
Tim McGreevy has been the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the USA Dry Pea and Lentil Council since 1994. He is responsible for international and domestic market development, research programming, government education and membership development for the Council. He is a member of the U.S Department of Agriculture's Agriculture Trade Advisory Committee and serves as the Treasurer of the CICILS IPTIC Executive Committee. In addition to his duties with the pea and lentil industry, Tim also serves as the CEO of the American Pulse Association (APA) which is a joint venture between the USA Dry Pea and Lentil Council and the U.S Dry Bean Council to pursue the goals of the Pulse Health Initiative. Tim McGreevy has a B.A in General Agriculture and a M.A. in Agriculture Economics both from Washington State University. When he is not promoting USA pulse crops around the world he spends his time managing the family farm complete with 10 steers who routinely test his fences and his patience. Tim currently resides in Moscow, Idaho with his wife Chirstine and four incredible children.


Muhammad AHMED, Pakistan
Muhammad Ahmed is Director of AWAM Group. It is a family owned business and is operating since last 40 years and stands as a leading exporter, importer and indenting house. It specializes in Pulses, Oil and other food products. After completing MBA in 2001 he has joined business and has taken over export and pulses division. Since then he has successfully grown business. He has also received numerous awards for best exporter in pulses &seeds and for best performance in import trade. AWAM Group owns Pulses manufacturing unit, Rice processing unit, Oil extraction plan & Oil refinery, Oil Terminal etc. 
Mahmud ABDUL CADER, Sri Lanka
Hassan BOUBESS, Switzerland
Sanjiv DUBEY, Australia
Gardner Smith (OzEpulse) Pty Ltd, Australia
M.A. Economics with majors in International Trade, Master of Business Administration (MBA)
Sanjiv Dubey co-founded OzEpulse Pty Ltd in 2001, and as Director of OzEpulse managed its operations to grow into a successful Pulses and Grain trading house in Sydney, Australia. Sanjiv is an experienced international trader having traded prior to 2001 in India (for 11 years) and Malaysia (for 6 years), and handles trade in both bulk and containerised cargoes. OzEpulse was acquired by Gardner Smith Pty Ltd in July 2010, and the business and staff of OzEpulse moved to Gardner Smith, where Sanjiv now manages the Pulses trade. Sanjiv has a sound understanding of the Pulses industry in Australia and overseas, having dealings with growers, trade participants and logistic operators. Sanjiv Dubey is a Director and on the Board of Pulse Australia, and sits on the Executive Committee of the international pulses body CICILS IPTIC. Sanjiv is alsi on the panel of approved arbitrators for the grain industry body, Grain Trade Australia (GTA). He is alos appointed as a Justice of the Peace, New South Wales, by the Attorney General of Australia.
Horacio FRAGOLA, Argentina
Manuel GUASCH, Spain
David LEVER, South Africa
Roberto J. Sanchez De LOZADA GALINDO, Chile
Our company is related to Lozada Ltda., founded in Bolivia by my father in  1936 as selling arm to our farms Londo and Sayira. From 1947 until 1952  acted as exclusive representatives of BUNGE & BORN for Bolivia. In 1952the Bolivian government expropriated our land and intervened the company giving us safe passege to leave the country. Re-established in Buenos Aires after two years living in New Orleans, U.S.A,  in 1954 continued to serve the markets in foodstuffs, chemical raw materials and canned products. I enter the company after studies in San Francisco, USA and Munich Germany, joining my father in 1973 and have gradually specialized only in pulses although we also do other agricultural products. Offices both in Santiago (established in 1986), Chile and Buenos Aires serving our industry.
Remo PEDON, Italy
After his formative beginnings at his father's groceries market stall, 18 years old Remo starts together with his elder brothers Sergio and Franco a new wholesale trading business heading the warehouse and logistics operations. In 1984 Pedon group is born into the pulses and dry cereals world sidelining a growing processing and packaging food products business. Towards the end of the 80s the encouraging development rates of the business allow the purchase of two small food industries in the Vicenza area; Bosco's dried mushrooms and Tulipano's cake mix. Increasingly, in the early 90s Pedon group becomes one of the leading Italian traders in pulses and the highest private label holder. Remo is the driving engine behind the birth of ACOS, Pedon group's agricultural supplies trading arm internationally regarded today as the reference point for the global canning industry. A renowned pulses world expert, Remo takes part in the late 90s as main speaker to several international conferences and sits since 2009 as only Italian in the Executive Committee of the influential CICILS IPTIC, the world leading pulses oragnization. Married with two grown up children, Remo has recently become a grandfather, a role he treasures immensely. 
Sergio RAFFAELI, Argentina
Formulate all aspects of business start-up, from inaugurating corporate identity to product evolution, marketing and sales. Work with customers, management, and other bank departments. Accept new customer applications. Assist customers with inquires and provided all pertinent information. Involve with all aspects of customer service. Promote customer satisfaction through clear, concise communication. Travel world-wide to generate new business, contact new clients and improve company’s commercial quality targets by attending to main exhibitions. Supervise all aspects of manufacturing accounting, including product costing. Find market openings through creativity. Propose new product lines base on changing market needs. Develop long-term partnership with clients. Negotiate international contracts that assure quality and meet standards. Five times elected President of the Chamber of Pulses of Argentina (1999-2001-2002–2005-2008), Second vice president of the Chamber of Pulses from year 2011 till today, Member of the Chamber of Pulses of Argentina, State advisor referring pulses market, Member of the Executive Committee of CICILS.
Ahmet Turan SERTTAS, Turkey
Tyler THORPE, Canada
Anurag TULSHAN, India
Anurag is Managing Director of Esarco Exim Pvt Ltd, a division of a fourth-generation broking company, involved in international broking of grains, pulses, sugar, oilseeds and feeds. Esarco on behalf of reputable international companies sells these commodities to buyers across the Indian sub-continent. Similarly it assists first class Indian companies in exporting Indian produce to the world. Anurag represents India in the Executive Committee of CICILS-IPTIC, Dubai. He is also a member of the GAFTA Pulses Committee, London. He also serves as a member of the Executive Committee of IPGA (India Pulses & Grains Association) which is the premier Indian body regulating the trade of pulses and grains in India.



Gordon Bacon, Chief Executive Officer, Pulse Canada
Canadian Special Crops Association

Gordon Bacon is CEO for Pulse Canada and is also CEO of the Canadian Special Crops Association, an organization that represents processors, exporters and brokers of all pulses and other crops like mustard. Pulse Canada is a national association funded by Canadian pulse growers and the pulse trade. Pulse Canada works to lower costs to ensure that the Canadian pulse industry is competitive on a global basis.  Pulse Canada also works to drive up the value of Canadian pulses and is currently investigating the role that pulses can play in addressing health and nutritional challenges faced in both developed and developing worlds. Pulse Canada is also interested in ensuring that the environmental contribution of pulse crops, legumes that require little or no additional nitrogen fertilizer, is recognized by consumers and government as part of a cropping and food system that reduces input use, and reduces production of greenhouse gases. Pulse Canada promotes pulses as part of a “Healthy People: Healthy Planet” strategy. Before joining Pulse Canada 14 years ago, Gordon was Director of Market Development at the Canadian Wheat Board (CWB). He has also served as Senior Policy Advisor to the Minister of State, Grains and Oilseeds in Ottawa; and in various roles with federal and provincial departments of agriculture.  He has also been involved in the family farming operation in Saskatchewan.  

Timothy Edgecombe, Pulse Australia
Ye Myint, Asia Myint Group Myanmar
Tewodros Yilma, Alpha Trading Partners, Ethiopia
Kunichiro Amakasu, Japan Pea & Bean Importers Association, Japan
Vijay Iyengar, Agrocorp, Singapore
Executive Director - Gavin GIBSON, Australia
Gavin Gibson is the immediate past Chief Executive Officer of the Australian pulse industry peak representative body, Pulse Australia Limited. He chose to go farming rather than enter the legal profession and has subsequently had many years experience in managing and advising on rural industry matters through his long involvement on the executive of organisations such as the Tasmanian Farmers and Graziers Association (TFGA) and in advisory role to both the Tasmanian and Australian Governments in the development and maintenance of the highest possible quality standards for Australian Agricultural products. He represented the Australian Pulse Industry on the Executive Committee of CICILS IPTIC for 12 years from 2000, most recently as Executive Vice President.  He has been acting in the role of CICILS Executive Director since his retirement from the CICILS IPTIC Executive Committee after the maximum allowed term of office for serving members.


Dr. Jose Maria LAZARA, Argentina
Jose Maria Lazara graduated from Argentine University, Buenos Aires as a lawyer in 1975. He was the president of ARGENTINE PULSES ASSOCIATION (CLERA) as well as a executive vice-president of CICILS (2001-2007) and president of CICILS (2007-2011). He owned his company as a broker in food products since 1978 with headquarters in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Jan BRAET, Belgium

Executive committee and CICILS staff pictured at Singapore convention 2013

Front row (left to right): Ludovica Sarram, Sanjiv Dubey, Gerard Serfati, Atef Tadros, Tewodros Yilma, Zhiyi Jiang, Gokce Alayunt Nakkas, Horacio Fragola, Albert Garcia, Mahmud Abdul Cader.
Back row (left to right): Remo Pedon, Gavin Gibson, Jan Braet, Roberto J. Sanchez De Lozada, Kunichiro Amakasu, Cindy Brown, Huseyin Arslan, Hakan Bahceci, Hugo Raggi, Sergio Raffaeli, Gordon Bacon, Tyler Thorpe, Tim McGreevy, Tim Edgecombe